About Sprigs + Twigs

At Sprigs + Twigs, our aim is to support your health through high-quality personal care and beauty products made from nutrient-rich, non-toxic ingredients. So you never have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin.

Other “clean” brands often use premade bases that contain hidden toxins. This can lead to sensitivities and health issues.

At Sprigs + Twigs we thoroughly research each ingredient. So only the safest, most beneficial products bear the Sprigs + Twigs name.

We believe that natural ingredients are not only safer but can transform your skin and whole health. And your health is our motivation to create high-quality, high-performing, clean products.

We small-batch make our products to ensure freshness and preserve nutrient density. So you can experience deep nourishment from the outside in, every time they’re applied.

Above all, your health is our manifesto. We want to provide you with natural products that are simple, affordable, and a joy to use. Your search for clean, effective, and transformative personal care products ends here.

Our Founder

Sprigs + Twigs, LLC was founded by Rosalind Bertram as a result of countless hours spent searching for healthy personal care products that were safe for her family. And actually worked.

Disappointed with the lack of options, she began foraging and making her own products while pregnant with her first child. But the biggest push to create healthy, natural personal products came when she experienced a health crisis after exposure to black mold and later fiberglass. Unable to use any products except her own without reacting, Rosalind learned to make products for every aspect of her family’s personal care.

Her research and diligence paid off! As she and her family experienced better health the more they used her products, others began noticing as well - even the dentist! Rosalind began sharing her products with family and friends and has continued to grow and expand her line.

Rosalind and her husband live in New Hampshire with their three homeschooled children. While having a business, being a mom, and homeschooling make life super busy, Rosalind’s passion for sharing health is what keeps her motivated to continue creating the most non-toxic, nourishing personal care products available.

 “I can confidently say that Sprigs + Twigs is made with what I truly believe is good for your body, your health, and your life."



Sprigs + Twigs is a proud member of the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild (HSCG) and the Greener Life Club.