Hi, I'm Rosalind, Founder of Sprigs Twigs, LLC! We're excited you're here and hope you'll read on to learn about our story.

Like the products I create, the company started organically. My passion for creating natural body care products began to develop when I was pregnant with my first child in in 2007.

As I searched for the purest products available, I wasn’t finding just what I needed. I turned to nature and began foraging for local wild herbs, making remedies to share with family and friends. After a whole lot of trial and error and countless hours of research (which never stops), I can now share with you all the products that made Sprigs + Twigs what it is today.

Sprigs + Twigs was also born out of my own experiences of becoming highly sensitive to ingredients when I was exposed to black mold and then a couple years later to fiberglass. It left me wondering what would be gentle enough for my sensitivities. Once again, I couldn't find anything. So I set out to discover how to make more of my own products, this time for every part of my routine. It worked.

Being able to see and feel the benefits of my own products both during pregnancy and times of skin troubles turned me into a believer. But I wasn't the only one to see results. When my family started using the products and we started noticing improvements in our day-to-day health - even at the dentist, I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself.

Two more kids and tons of products later, my family uses Sprigs + Twigs exclusively as our daily essentials. In fact, many of the ones that came to my own rescue during challenging times are still available today. I can confidently say Sprigs Twigs is made with what I truly believe is good for your body, your health and your life.

Seeing the possibilities and knowing what works is exciting and motivates me to keep making more. I hope you stick around as we strive to provide the best clean, natural and organic products available.