Science + Nature

Do Science and Natural Cosmetics go together? When you hear SCIENCE, you might think of a cold lab or synthetic chemicals. Natural is not what may come to mind.

But the answer to that question is YES.

Without science, we wouldn’t know as much as we do about each individual ingredient, the natural chemical makeup, the nutrient breakdown and its safety. We also wouldn’t have the newer, naturally derived preservative systems and plant-based isolates that have so much to offer to the natural cosmetics world. And sometimes science is needed to create many of the things we enjoy today, like soap.

Science typically is used to prove certain ingredients are low risk or generally safe. Science cannot say, however, whether it’s safe for everyone. Everyone’s body can react differently to the same ingredients or combination of ingredients - and that can change at different times in life, too.

Whereas we can't control how someone may react, but we can control the type of ingredients we select and the quality. Nature has the answer to most everything your skin needs. The best ingredients will not only ensure nothing toxic is being added to the body, it can actually be transformative when used regularly.

People with everything from skin sensitivities to cavities, eczema, breakouts, and more have used Sprigs + Twigs products safely. Please see the customer reviews for specific examples.

Sprigs + Twigs uses both nature and science to bring you the best, most innovative natural products. It's about combining nature and science in a way that adds only what’s good for you, which ultimately adds to your life. And that is what the “+ “ stands for.