Science + Nature

While the word “science” may imply something conducted in a lab completely removed from nature, the reality is that nature is science. And science, when done well, follows nature’s processes and aims to replicate nature as it was originally created.

Science has helped us to better understand the individual ingredients and components found in nature. It has also played an important role in isolating and purifying natural substances to be used in a variety of beneficial ways.

We aim to use only the most natural and nature-identical ingredients so that our products are safe, sustainable, shelf-stable, and healthy.

Keep in mind that while our products are 100% safe and non-toxic, not everyone will respond the same way to every ingredient or combination of ingredients. Just as nature has unique seasons and variations, each person has individual needs that will vary in a lifetime. Different life experiences, environmental exposures, genetics, nutrition, and lifestyles can all affect what our body translates as friend or foe.

That being said, with our carefully selected, safe, healthy ingredients, sensitivities are unlikely, and we are confident you will find what your body loves in our growing line of natural makeup and personal care products.

The beauty of choosing only safe, natural, and nature-identical ingredients means that you can feel safe knowing that nothing toxic is ever used.

And over time, your skin and whole body health can be transformed through the deeply nourishing properties of nature-based personal care products backed by science.