Health Coaching


Hello, my name is Rosalind!

If you have read the About Page on this website, I briefly shared my health journey with you there. Here you will find a more detailed version of my story, and how I got into Restorative Health Coaching.

I was living in a moldy environment for about 4-5 years, beginning in 2010. You might ask why I would stay in environment that was making me sick for so long. Unfortunately, mold is tricky and we didn’t know it was what we were dealing with at the time. We were at a loss as to what was making me so sick. During this time, I dealt with major fatigue, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, rashes, hormonal imbalances, which resulted in very few menstrual cycles, hearing loss and, at one point, a diagnoses of lupus.

After lots of testing, specialists and alternative health care, I still wasn’t feeling my best. I became my own health advocate and did deeper research on what might help my health return. This included using specific testing, and taking supplements (primarily from Cellcore and The Wellness Way, and a few other brands that fit my needs), and in-depth herbal studies. I am a Certified Restorative Health Coach through The Wellness Way, and am currently studying to become a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach as well.

Through applying all this knowledge, I can say that I’m finally thriving after so many years of surviving! If you’re interested in more information or booking a consult (limited availability at this time), please email me at